Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making do with what you have.

One of the questions posed for the Smooshers blog was "what is the weirdest thing you've ever turned into a clay" It made me stop and wonder. IS there really anything weird if it works?

With  most creative hobbies they can become really expensive. Once you're hooked you want everything out there to continue to create. All you have to do is google "ploymer clay tools" and your jaw drops as the tools load and  if you're like me you can almost hear the cash regester ringing as your wallet shrinks. Shrinking wallets are bad for hobby enjoyment.

Over the years I've learned many of those little adages that spring to life when needed and one of most valuable for me lately is "necessity is the mother of invention".  It is necessary to have tools of some sort to create with ploymer clay. When money is tight is is necessary to look at every thing around you as a possible tool that won't cost a thing.

One such tool of mine was featured on today Smoosher Blog. Why not check it out and while you're there, take some time to visit the other members ArtFire shops and enjoy the talents of this very gifted group.


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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Keep checking for a new blog post...did you get lost? I know, I know - its such a hard thing to sit and talk to yourself. I feel the abandonment issues but HEY you just gotta keep talking to youself until someone else talks back!

    Missing ya!